The current work ‘Yogābhyāsayoga’, (which was in the form an unpublished hand-made paper manuscript and is being published after having been critically edited and translated into English with notes and appendices) is a compendium of Sanskrit verses dealing with various aspects of the Ashtariga-yoga system that emphasizes the details of the Yogic path a spiritual aspirant has to follow to attain fulfilment. It basically belongs to the ‘Natha’ tradition of Indian Yoga that originated in the Northern parts of India around present-day Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It is said that the tradition is still alive in many pockets of these areas. The current edition not only explains several aspects of the work in detail, but also explores the parallels of Yoga and Vedanta systems of philosophy thereby throwing light on the theoretical foundations and principles of Yoga that are generally unknown to the practitioners of Yoga today who limit their focus to the practice of Asana-s and Pranayama-s alone. The work also exhorts the spiritual aspirant to go further and explore the hidden truths of the Yogic path and attain fulfilment.

Digital version coming soon.