Yoga in Upa PurānaS

The Upapuranas (Sanskrit: Upapurana) are a genre of Bharatiya religious texts consisting of many compilations differentiated from the Mahapuranas by styling them as secondary Puranas using the prefix Upa (secondary). Though only a few of these compilations originated earlier than most of the extant Mahapuranas, some of these texts are extensive and important. But, unlike the case of the Mahapuranas, the different lists of eighteen Upapuranas seldom agree with one another with regard to the names of these texts. However, the most authentic Upa-Purana-s have been taken up for study in the current context.

The concept of Yoga, along with its principles and practical aspects find mention in every text associated with the traditional, Sanskrit-based Indian knowledge systems. The Upa-Purana-s are no exception in this regard. This book summarizes the common and unique aspects of Yoga found in the most important and authentic Upa-purana-s.

Digital version coming soon.