Yoga – in the Puranas’ (2 volumes)

All over the world, Yoga is becoming increasingly popular for achieving both wellness and fitness. However, the real aim of Yoga is to attain self-realization and is not limited to preventive and therapeutic aspects of health. Unfortunately, people are unaware of the basic requirements and ideas of Yoga because they are cut off from the original literature which is in Sanskrit.

‘Yoga in Puranas’ explores Yoga in one of the original genre of literature that describe it – the Pura n as. Though the Pura n as are popularly known for their legends and stories, they contain details of various subjects including yoga. Authentic information- from select Puranas has been taken out and all the major facets of Yoga including Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, and Mudras have been presented in this volume. A detailed introduction covering general aspects of yoga and a glossary of technical terms is also included. With this book, one can find all the information to understand and implement yoga in the right way and achieve the best results.

The current volume contains information about Yoga as found in 9 of the 18 Purana-s.

Digital version coming soon.