Sri Ramanuja – Life and Philosophy

Many philosophers have come and gone, but the advent of a mystic philosopher is the rarest of rare events indeed. Mysticism is purely emotional and philosophy is purely logical. Almost a thousand years ago the earth was graced by the brightest star in the philosophical firmament of India, Acārya Rāmānuja : preceptor par excellence, compassion incarnate, and foremost among social reformers, who was able to bridge the gulf between the head and the heart, and arrive at a universal philosophy. His compositions show a happy blending of a scholarly mind and a poetic heart.

He was a perfect example of an Acārya who spared no effort to lift up the spiritually downtrodden who had no hopes of spiritual redemption. Ācārya Rāmānuja was able to understand and address the serious suffering of the masses who were outside the scheme of serious spiritual pursuits and practices like meditation or penance.

This book, Śrī Rāmānuja– Life and Philosophy, chronicles the life and teachings of the foremost amongst the Acāryas of Śrīvaişnavism in an authentic manner. It takes the reader through Acārya Rāmānuja’s life history focussing on the episodes in his life which explain and helps understand some important aspects of his unique system of philosophy 'Viśişțādvaita' or ‘Qualified Non-dualism’.

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