Organization Structure

Prof. M A Lakshmithathacharya (1936-2021) – Founder

Prof. M A Lakshmithathacharya, was a distinguished Sanskrit scholar who made significant contributions to the field of Sanskrit literature.

In 1999 he founded the Samskriti Foundation with the aim of showcasing the richness and significance of India’s cultural heritage.

Lakshmithathacharya garnered immense respect and recognition for his extensive knowledge and expertise in Sanskrit literature. He possessed a deep understanding of classical Sanskrit texts, including ancient scriptures, epics, and philosophical works. His proficiency extended to various branches of Sanskrit literature, such as grammar, poetics, and linguistics.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Lakshmithathacharya actively worked to promote Sanskrit and its cultural legacy.

He dedicated himself to organizing exhibitions, seminars, and workshops to raise awareness about the value of Sanskrit and the profound wisdom contained in ancient Indian texts.

His efforts earned him widespread acclaim and numerous accolades for his scholarly achievements. The establishment of the Samskriti Foundation served as a platform for his vision of preserving and propagating the treasures of India’s cultural landscape.

Dr. E S Dwarakadasa


Dr. E. S. Dwarakadasa is a prominent figure in the field of metallurgy and materials science. Formerly a professor in the Department of Metallurgy at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, he has made significant contributions to the field throughout his career.

His expertise and research focus on areas such as corrosion, zinc metallurgy, and materials characterization. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Dwarakadasa has been recognized with prestigious honors and awards, including being elected as a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering.

He has also held leadership roles, such as serving as the President of the IISc Alumni Association. His contributions to the field of metallurgy, combined with his leadership and industry involvement, have solidified his reputation as an accomplished scientist and engineer.

Dr. M A Alwar

Managing Trustee

Dr. M. A. Alwar is a distinguished scholar in Sanskrit language and literature, systems of Indian philosophy and the Indian Knowledge systems. He holds the position of Professor of ‘Navya Nyaya’ in the Maharaja Sanskrit College, Mysore and also serves as the Honorary Director of the center for traditional knowledge of the Trans-Disciplinary University, Bangalore. Dr. Alwar’s scholarly activities extend beyond his professional responsibilities.

He has authored many books, monographs and articles and also presented papers in many international and national seminars and conferences on Indian philosophy, Sanskit literature and other trans-disciplinary topics.

His areas of expertise are Navya-Nyaya (Neo-traditional School of Indian Logic), Prachina-Nyaya (Ancient School of Indian Logic), and Comparative studies of traditional theories with modern scientific theories. He is also an expert manuscriptologist having contributed a lot to the cataloguing, preservation, and conservation of ancient palm-leaf and hand-made paper manuscripts.

Dr. Alwar’s contributions have earned him wide recognition and respect. Ramanjaneya Veda Pathshala, a renowned institution dedicated to Vedic studies has conferred on him the prestigious Shastra Ratnakara Award. He was also recently conferred the ‘Bannanje Govindacharya Award’ instituted by the ‘Bannanje Prathisthana’ in recognition of his scholarship and contribution to the dissemination of the Sanskrit language and literature. In addition, he is an active member of several professional and academic organizations, reflecting his engagement and commitment to scholarly work.

Dr. M. A. Alwar’s contributions in many fields as a scholar, researcher and teacher have had a profound impact on academic research groups and traditional Vidvat Sabhas (assemblies of learned scholars). He serves as the Managing trustee of Samskriti Foundation, also demonstrating his dedication expressed to preserving and promoting Indian culture and knowledge.

Dr. S Vidyashree

Deputy Director and Trustee

Dr.Vidyashree is an accomplished scholar and educationist who serves as the Deputy Director and Secretary of the Samskriti Foundation.

Throughout her career, Dr. S. Vidyashree has been involved in various research projects including the preparation of bibliographies, editing ancient manuscripts, and so on.

She also plays an important role in the administration of the Samskriti Foundation and oversees the progress of the academic projects of the Foundation. Her commitment to preserving and promoting the Sanskrit language, Indian philosophy and the cultural heritage of India is commendable.

Research Team

    • Dr. Parimal Devnath
    • Dr. Pradeepa Simha Acharya, Ph.D
    • Smt. S. Goda, MA (Sanskrit)
    • Sri Ganesh Devaru Bhat, (Ph.D), M.Phil, MA (Sanskrit)
    • Dr. Amulya Bharadwaj Ph.D, M. Com, MA (English), MA (Anthropology)
    • Ms. Anne Roopa D’souza, M. Com, MA (English)

Art Director

    • Sri. L. K. Acharya BFA

Project Administrator

    • Sri R. Venkatesh

Project Coordinator

    • Sri. Karthikeyan Sreenivasan

    Graphic and design consultant

      • Sri Srirangaraj N C

    Adjunct Faculty

      • Dr. Parthan Gomadam, USA

    Office Administration

          • Smt. K. Vani