Ongoing Projects

1. Shabdakalpadruma

The Shabdakalpadrumais an encyclopaedic dictionary of Sanskrit words arranged in alphabetical order giving the etymological origin of words according to Paninian grammar. It gives their gender, various meanings and synonyms and illustrates their syntactical usage.

It also furnishes the various connotations of each word using citations drawn from various authoritative sources such as the Vedas, the Epics, the Upanishads, the Purana-s as well as Sanskrit texts on Tantra, Ayurveda, music, art, astrology, rhetoric and prosody.

Samskriti Foundation has undertaken the translation of this mammoth classical encyclopaedia and the work on this front has been recently initiated.

2. Philosophy of Education- Volume 2

The book “Philosophy of Education: Bhāratīya-śikṣaṇa-darśanaṁ- Volume II” is intended to present a profound exploration of the wisdom contained in the Smriti works and its relevance to education. The book aims to bridge the gap between Western-oriented educational philosophies and the indigenous educational needs of India.

It offers a comprehensive framework that aligns with the Indian viewpoint on education, encompassing topics such as knowledge, self-realization, ethics, and holistic growth. This valuable contribution provides educators and students with profound insights and guidance, inviting a paradigm shift in the way education is approached in India.