An Overview of the Yoga-Upanishads and their Contribution to Yoga

Yoga Upanishads are a group of minor Upanishads specifically related to the philosophy and practice of Yoga. They are twenty in number and along with other minor Upanishads, are generally classified separate from the thirteen major Principal Upanishads considered to be more ancient.

The Yoga Upanishads deal with the theory and practice of Yogic techniques, with varied emphasis on methodology and meditation and other aspects of philosophy.

Presently, there are not many books that explain their philosophy with regard to specific topics like the world, the Atman and such other aspects along with a comparative view from other Upanishadic streams of knowledge. The current monograph addresses this particular gap and provides the much needed insight into the nuances of the texts of the various Yoga Upanishads.

Digital version coming soon.