Sanskrit Learning Series – Upayuktaslokah

India and Sanskrit language have a unique tradition of ‘mnemonics’ that is defined as ‘the study and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory’. It is also described as any learning technique that aids information retention or retrieval in the human memory. Traditional Sanskrit scholars used to convert any information, be it lists of names, methods of prepatation or virtually anything under the sun into the form verses (predominantly of the Anushtup meter) that could be easily remembered and memorized.

The current work is a collection of the most important verses of Sanskrit which are useful in teaching various important components of Sanskrit language like ‘Avyaya’, ‘anvaya’, ‘samasa,’ ‘sandhi’, ‘upasarga’ etc. with examples inmany cases. The knowledge of these slokas is mandatory for any person who wishes to learn Sanskrit properly, in the traditional manner. Though many of these slokas are known in general to traditional Sanskrit scholars, they have not been collected, collated and presented in an easy manner for people to memorize at one go. Further, these slokas, if memorized, will ghreatly help the person doing so, to gain knowledge of other languages also.

Digital version coming soon.