Bharatiya Upavana Vigyanam

(A comprehensive account) Bhāratīya Upavāna Vijn’yānam Upavanavinodah Shivatattvaratnakara (Upavanaprakaranam)

(With English translation, illustrations & notes)

In today’s context, the book “Bhāratīya Upavāna Vijn’yānam” holds significant importance as it uncovers the wisdom found in ancient texts like Upavanavinōda and Śivatatva ratnākara. These texts provide valuable insights into horticultural practices in ancient, medieval, and modern India.

By exploring the teachings of Upavanavinōda, the book offers valuable knowledge on soil selection, plant classification, and the intricate relationship between plants and their environment. This understanding is crucial for promoting sustainable practices and environmental conservation in contemporary horticulture. By learning from traditional methods of nourishing plants and taking care of them, modern practitioners can improve the sustainability and productivity of their horticultural endeavors, drawing from the timeless wisdom encapsulated in Upavanavinōda.

“Bhāratīya Upavāna Vijn’yānam” delves into the insights provided by Śivatatva ratnākara, shedding light on plant diseases and the use of fertilizers. These aspects hold immense relevance in modern horticulture, especially with growing concerns about the impact of chemical inputs on human health and the environment. The book explores natural remedies and organic approaches to tackle plant diseases, emphasizing the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

It also promotes the use of plant-based treatments and sustainable fertilization methods, encouraging practitioners to adopt approaches that are healthier for both the environment and consumers. By drawing from the teachings of Śivatatva ratnākara, the book equips horticulturists with valuable knowledge that can help them navigate the challenges of plant health and fertility in a more sustainable and responsible manner.

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