Sanskrit Learning Series – Vrttaratnakarah

Chandas or Sanskrit prosody is a study of poetic metres and verse in Sanskrit. The metres studied are also called Chanda. These metres are classified based on the syllables present in each pada of the mantras. The ‘VrittaRatnakara’ of Kedara Bhatta (14th Century CE) is one of the most popular texts on Sanskrit prosody. Though there are many books on Sanskrit prosody by eminent authors like Kalidasa, Kshemendra, etc, VrittaRatankara continues to be an essential text for Sanskrit students. A speciality of this work is that the definition and illustration of a meter is given in one and the same verse. The verse defining a particular metre is composed in that particular meter itself. This is very helpful for a student of Sanskrit prosody. Another specialty of this work is that it is very brief there are merely 136 verses. The author has covered all the prominent metres of Sanskrit literature in these verses.

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