Heritage of Indian Metallurgy – Volume 4 – Mercury

Mercury also called as Rasa or Parada in ancient has a variety of uses in different applications including the medicinal field. It is used in almost all the alchemical processes for the transmutation of base metals to gold.

Alchemy in India, was started for the preparation of an elixir of life for imparting immortality and later for the transmutation process for converting base metals into gold in which mercury is used a primary ingredient.

This work discusses in detail the ancient techniques of processing, purification for employing mercury in a variety of uses. A peculiar concept termed as Saptadhatuvedha which is described in Anandakanda that mentions deeply about the different transformation processes of mercury has been discussed and presented in a stringent manner.

Here a brief history of the ancient Indian usages of mercury is presented which will give an idea about the development of scientific knowledge in India in its multiple aspects. A huge number of procedures of mercurial applications are discussed with utmost scrutiny which gives us in depth insight on the advanced eco-centric technologies used in India through ages.

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