Heritage of Indian Metallurgy – Volume 2 – Silver

Metallurgy is a vast subject on its own and attempts made to narrow it down individual metal will always be encountered with feedback looping wherever you go. Let us take an example of alloying of metals; all the elements of an alloy are ultimately another metal subjected to a certain amount of heat under certain conditions. Hence metallurgy without synchronous metals would simply be having moderate usage even with noble metals like gold and silver. Even then, the practical uses of a specific metal are further to be explored to achieve optimal benefits from it. This work that you’re about to read underwent a lot of stringent research to keep it cognizable to the science enthusiast with strong practical intellect. The following chapters are prepared in such a way that it traces the history and prevalence of metal silver in India till the usages of silver in the modern-day.

Right from the stone age, the extraction techniques existed for silver are still used by conventional metal smiths across India. To this day, any student of medicine would very easily state that India is a pioneer in using silver metal oxide (RajataBhasma in Sanskrit) for administering it to the treatment related to deadly diseases.

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