Heritage of Indian Metallurgy – Volume 1 – Gold

Have you ever wondered where the gold you wear came from? A metal so loved for its intrinsic qualities that it adorns all that is beautiful to all that is powerful? In all forms and shapes this ductile metal has over the centuries attracted us and continues to fascinate. The lure of Gold is as strong as the gravitational force of the earth on which it is found.

This work has brought together the documented journey from the Indus Valley Civilization and the numerous evidences of the existence of the metal spread all over our motherland, for which it was named “Soneki Chidiya” or the ‘Golden Canary’. The knowledge that ancient Indians had, be it metallurgy, chemistry, industry or the science and technology that was applied, all eco-friendly, all done in the spirit of progress with the underlying principle of need base, not for competition or greed, but keeping in mind the synchronization of man and nature not destroying or exploiting Mother Earth’s bounty and gift. This publication brings to you the different stages, from discovery to recovery, from mining to utilization of all that glitters —- GOLD!

Digital version coming soon.