Sanskrit Learning Series – Samasacakravarti

When one studies the literature of various languages one comes across a class of words known as ‘compound words’. Compound words (Samastapada) are those words that are formed as a combination of two or more words, having independent meanings but come together in their own unique way to denote a particular entity. Sanskrit is a unique language which abounds with several types of compounds that are unique and peculiar’ to itself (Sanskrit) as one does not find such a varieties of compounds used in various contexts with varied connotations. This is another very important work that teaches the students of Sanskrit the basics of all the Compounds (Samasa-s) along with the necessary examples. If a student memorizes this entire text, he will be able to remember with examples all aspects associated with Samasa-s in Sanskrit language and master this aspect which is very much required for understanding the texts of Sanskrit in a proper manner.

Digital version coming soon.