Sanskrit Learning Series – Candralokah

The Chandraloka, authored by the great poet-devotee-scholar Sri Jayadeva is one of the best works that throws light on the Figures of speech (popularly known as Alankara-s) that are a unique aspect of Sanskrit literature. ‘Shabda’ and Artha’ are the two aspects that are considered to be the body of literature (Kavya). Just as one adprns oneself with ear-rings, necklaces and such other ornaments to manifest the beauty of the human body, that shines forth on accounts of the ornaments, the body of the Kavya (literary work) too shines forth and becomes enjoyable when it is embellished with figures of speech that are aptly known as Alankara-s’. That is why it has been mentioned that ʼ काव्‌यशोभाकरान्‌ धर्मान्‌ अलङ्‌कारान्‌ प्रचक्‌ षतेʼ.

While there are several works that propound the definitions, give examples and explain the various Alankara-s uniquely employed in Sanskrit literature, the crest jewel among all such works is the Chandraloka of the exalted poet-scholar-devotee Jayadeva, who has written this book in an extremely simple, lucid and easily – understandable style. This book is studied as a primer by all beginners as well as scholars who are well-versed in the topic, for its depth and profoundness. The same text is produced here with an English translation.

Digital version coming soon.